Gluten-free fine-dining in Dubai

Some of favorites!


Cuisine: Japanese

What I like about it: Gluten-free menu available, knowlegeable staff, soy sauce is 99.9% gluten-free

My favorites: Crispy tofu salad, sesame spinach

The best tofu in Dubai
Sesame spinach

Hotel Cartagena

Cuisine: Latin American

What I like about it: Great ambiance, dancers, interesting menu, knowledgable staff

My favorites: Yuca fries, maki rolls

Yuca fries

Maki rolls


Cuisine: Italian

What I like about it: Nice terrasse, gluten-free customizable pasta, bread and fondant.

My favorites: Pesto spaghetti, fondant au chocolat

Pesto spaghetti


Cuisine: Cuban

What I like about it: Nice ambiance, large portions

My favorites: Guacamole with plantains chips, guava cheese mousse

Guacamole with plantains chips
Vegetarian tacos
Guava cheese mousse

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