Gluten-free in Jordan

Though it may be difficult to find a 100% gluten-free spots in Jordan (apart from 1 which I know of), there are some pretty cool cafes where you can enjoy a young vibrant ambiance and find good food options.


Cuisine: Paleo/ 100% gluten-free

What I like about it: Fully gluten-free, modern cuisine, tasty

My favorites: Primal plantbased burger, tiramisu

Plantbased burger


Wild Jordan

Cuisine: International

What I like about it: Special setting, nice ambiance, smoothies

My favorites: Falafel

Baked falafel

Blue fig

Cuisine: Bar food

What I like about it: Nice ambiance

My favorites: Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad
Sweet potato fries

Shams El Balad

Cuisine: Modern Arabic cuisine

What I like about it: Great menu, nice setting and ambiance

My favorites: Beet falafels

Mixed mezze

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