Gluten-free in Jordan

Though it may be difficult to find a 100% gluten-free spots in Jordan (apart from 1 which I know of), there are some pretty cool cafes where you can enjoy a young vibrant ambiance and find good food options.


Cuisine: Paleo/ 100% gluten-free

What I like about it: Fully gluten-free, modern cuisine, tasty

My favorites: Primal plantbased burger, tiramisu

Plantbased burger


Wild Jordan

Cuisine: International

What I like about it: Special setting, nice ambiance, smoothies

My favorites: Falafel

Baked falafel

Blue fig

Cuisine: Bar food

What I like about it: Nice ambiance

My favorites: Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad
Sweet potato fries

Shams El Balad

Cuisine: Modern Arabic cuisine

What I like about it: Great menu, nice setting and ambiance

My favorites: Beet falafels

Mixed mezze

Gluten-free in Kuwait

There are so many great options for celiacs in Kuwait! Here are my favorites:


Cuisine: Plantbased wholefoods

What I like about it: 100% gluten-free, wholesome/ nourishing, nicely presented.

The only potential downside is probably the location as it is part of a food court in a mall – I feel it deserves to have a nicer standalone cafe with outdoor seating!

My favorites: Almond butter toast, chocolate smoothie bowl

Almond butter toast with chia jam and coconut yogurt
Chocolate smoothie bowl
Hot chocolate


Cuisine: Plantbased/ 100% gluten-free

What I like about it: Interesting/ unconvenional progressive plantbased cuisine, everything prepared in-house

My favorites: Vegan blue cheese toasts (raw dehydrated toast)

Blue cheese toast
Guacamole and crackers

Ovo Kuwait

Cuisine: “Flexitarian” cuisine

What I like about it: Nice outdoor seatings, options which suit different dietary/ culinary preferences

My favorites: Chickpea “fries”

Chickpea “fries” made of chickpea flour
Superfoods kale salad

Gluten-free in Bahrain

My last trip to Bahrain was in March 2020 right before the complete border closure! If you are traveling to Bahrain, you can find both Eastern and Western options to choose from.

Beyond all the classic gluten-free meals which you can find in any restaurant (quinoa salads, grilled salmon etc.), the highlights for me were Plant Cafe which is 100% gluten-free and plantbased and Lumee Street where you can find many options. You can also head to Market Place, an organic store, where you will find a large variety of products.

Plant Cafe

Vegan cheese platter
Beet hummus and creamy broccoli wrap with hummus
Blueberry crumble muffins

Lumee Street

Flaxseed crackers with grilled veggies
Hummus with caramelized onions

Guide to Latin/ South American cuisine

One of my favorite cuisines with so many gluten-free options to enjoy!

What you can safely enjoy:

Corn-based tacos, tortillas, arepas – be sure to ask if you are eating out as wheat-based tortillas are commonly used in restaurants.

Yucas and tapioca – served as chips or as pancakes.

Citrusy ceviches.

What to avoid: Wheat-based tortillas or chips, soy-based ceviches.

Some of my favorite spots in Dubai: Hotel Cartagena, Tortuga, Mama Zonia.

Yuca fries at Hotel Cartagena
Plantain chips and guacamole at Rumba
Vegetarian tacos at Rumba
Arepas at Seva Table