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100% gluten-free restaurants in Dubai – Part 2

Here’s another list of 100% gluten-free restaurants in Dubai where you don’t have to worry nor ask tons of questions if you suffer from celiace disease!

Soul Sante

Cuisine: 100% plantbased

What I like about it: You can find classic comfort food with a healthy twist – made with wholesome ingredients.

My favorites: Cheese sandwich, pizza, white beans falafel salad

Grilled cheese sandwich
Pizza with “cauliflower cheese”
White beans falafel salad


Cuisine: 100% plantbased

What I like about it: Broad variety of housemade nut milks (and milkshakes/ coffee-based beverages), light desserts

My favorites: Chocolate brownies (served with vanilla coconut ice cream)

Chocolate brownies
Chocolate hazelnut milk
Superfood toast with “carrot salmon” and Mexican salsa+guacamole

Livewell Dubai

Cuisine: International

What I like about it: Options for various dietary preferences (vegan, paleo…)

My favorites: Chocolate lava cake

Wild & The Moon

Cuisine: 100% plantbased

What I like about it: Small dishes to takeaway

My favorites: Noodles salad

Cold noodles salad with tofu


Cuisine: Japanese fusion

Review coming soon.

100% gluten-free restaurants in Dubai – Part 1

As a celiac, I feel quite lucky to be living in Dubai considering the high number of gluten-free dining options. Here’s part 1 of my list of 100% gluten-free restaurants; it feels so good not to have to ask 1,000 questions when ordering – as it is the case in restaurants which do not mark allergens on their menus!

Bounty Beets

Cuisine: International (extensive menu covering different cuisines – including a plantbased menu)

What I like about it: It opens at 8am and serves a broad range of breakfast options! Creative, wholesome dishes, options for all dietary/ culinary preferences. Alcohol is served too.

My favorites: Lentil tacos (Spec Taco Lar), plantbased pizza (Aegean pizza), tofu breakfast sandwich (Vurger), toffee pudding

Lentil tacos (Spec Taco Lar) at Bounty Beets – Crust made of zucchini and flaxmeal
Plantbased pizza (Aegean pizza)
Vurger – Tofu scramble sandwich with avocado, sweet potato hash brown, coconut bacon
Toffee pudding

SEVA Table

Cuisine: 100% plantbased organic menu

What I like about it: Outdoor garden where you can sit on the grass, wholesome dishes with a creative Latin American touch, “superfoods” added to all dishes.

My favorites: Arepas and chickpea “omelette”, matcha cheesecake and snickers pie

Arepas – Filled with vegan cheese and plantain skin “pulled beef”
Matcha cheesecake
Snickers pie, the ultimate bestseller

Kitchen Confidential (virtual kitchen)

Cuisine: Mixed/ International (many Lebanese options)

What I like about it: Broad variety of breads, wraps, sandwiches, croissants which is not easy to find elsewhere. Keto options of wraps. Healthy touch (no refined sugar)

My favorites: Manakeesh, plantbased burger, eclairs

Keto manakeesh, vegan cheese options
Double chocolate eclair
Plantbased burger, beetroot patty