Gluten-free living

Welcome to my gluten-free blog where I’ll be featuring and reviewing:

1.Gluten-free products

2.Restaurants with gluten-free options from around the wold

3.Meal recommendations from different cuisines

4.Top tips and tricks which I learned since being diagnose with celiac 13 years ago

All featured photos are taken from my own camera; I am relying on my own experiences and feedback!

Gluten-free in Jordan

Though it may be difficult to find a 100% gluten-free spots in Jordan (apart from 1 which I know of), there are some pretty cool cafes where you can enjoy a young vibrant ambiance and find good food options. Primal Cuisine: Paleo/ 100% gluten-free What I like about it: Fully gluten-free, modern cuisine, tasty My … Continue reading

Gluten-free in Kuwait

There are so many great options for celiacs in Kuwait! Here are my favorites: vterra Cuisine: Plantbased wholefoods What I like about it: 100% gluten-free, wholesome/ nourishing, nicely presented. The only potential downside is probably the location as it is part of a food court in a mall – I feel it deserves to have … Continue reading

Gluten-free in Bahrain

My last trip to Bahrain was in March 2020 right before the complete border closure! If you are traveling to Bahrain, you can find both Eastern and Western options to choose from. Beyond all the classic gluten-free meals which you can find in any restaurant (quinoa salads, grilled salmon etc.), the highlights for me were … Continue reading

Eating out with celiac disease

Key hidden gluten sources to watch out for: Dressings thickened with flour – Bechamel, balsamic, teriyaki etc. Soy sauce – It is very frequently used in various cuisines and contains wheat whereas Tamari which tastes similar is wheat free. “Crispy”/ “tempura” – Often not very visible/ Can be inside maki rolls, be sure to check. … Continue reading

Guide to global cuisines part 1 – Lebanese/ Arabic

I grew up in Lebanon eating wholesome traditional dishes made of natural local ingredients which definitely shaped by culinary preferences! There is a misconception about Arabic cuisine in general: it is not restricted to grills and offers a very broad range of flavorful nourishing meals which suit different tastes! Overview: I would split Lebanese cuisine … Continue reading

Gluten-free Greece part 2 – Islands

During my trip to Greece (August 2021), I visited 3 different islands: Naxos, Santorini and Milos. Here are my top picks of restaurants: Naxos – Gyro Gyro Cuisine: Gyros What I Like about it: You can choose corn pita which is gluten-free. Vegetarian options are served. My favorites: Halloumi gyro Halloumi gyros Rotonda Cuisine: Modern … Continue reading

Gluten-free Greece part 1 – Athens

Here are my top picks from my latest trip to Greece: Le Greche Cuisine: Ice cream What I like about it: “GF” clearly marked on the menu, gluten-free cones My favorites: Dark chocolate, hazelnut Nudie Foodie Cuisine: Healthy brunch style, 100% gluten-free What I like about it: Light wholesome dishes packed with superfoods, well seasoned … Continue reading

Gluten-free fine-dining in Dubai

Some of favorites! Zuma Cuisine: Japanese What I like about it: Gluten-free menu available, knowlegeable staff, soy sauce is 99.9% gluten-free My favorites: Crispy tofu salad, sesame spinach Hotel Cartagena Cuisine: Latin American What I like about it: Great ambiance, dancers, interesting menu, knowledgable staff My favorites: Yuca fries, maki rolls Maki rolls Alici Cuisine: … Continue reading

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