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Gluten-free Greece part 2 – Islands

During my trip to Greece (August 2021), I visited 3 different islands: Naxos, Santorini and Milos. Here are my top picks of restaurants:

Naxos – Gyro Gyro

Cuisine: Gyros

What I Like about it: You can choose corn pita which is gluten-free. Vegetarian options are served.

My favorites: Halloumi gyro

Halloumi gyros


Cuisine: Modern Greek

What I like about it: Though there aren’t many special gluten-free meal options as I would have hoped for, the staff is knowledgeable and the view is superb. Worth a visit!

My favorite: Naxos salad, truffle fries

Truffle fries



Cuisine: Traditional Greek

What I like: Family run, beautiful view, housemade wholesome Greek dishes made of traditional local ingredients.

My favorite: Grilled cheese with tomato relish, beet salad with sauteed greens

Grilled cheese served with a delicious tomato relish
Beetroot salad
Vegetarian vine leaves

King Neptune

Cuisine: Traditional Greek cuisine

What I like about it: Located in a highly touristic neighborhood, nice terrasse, generous portions.

My favorites: The best olives in Santorini.

Local olives
Grilled calamari


Cuisine: Modern Greek/ Seafood

What I like about it: Tasty fresh seafood

My favorites: Eggplant rolls, seafood sharing platter

Eggplant rolls
Seafood sharing platter


Cuisine: Falafel

What I like about it: Casual cheap meals on-the-go, good when you need a break from traditional Greek cuisine

My favorites: Falafel-hummus falafels box

Falafels box



Cuisine: Traditional Greek

What I like about it: Family-run, quiet

My favorites: Vegetarian stuffed peppers, herbed fries

Stuffed peppers
Herbed fries